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Direct Admission in PES University

Direct Admission in PES University


Education is currently the most advancing and evolving domain in the context of India. Not only are we leaving behind the old curriculum and adopting a new one that fits the criteria of subjects and related fields that students opt to pursue these days, we are also stepping in an era of modernisation in terms of teaching methods that are adopted by universities and staff these days.

In line with the requirements of the demanding educational domain, the PES University has established itself as one of the makeshift educational institutes that cater to the needs of students seeking to gain education in the most holistic and sophisticated manner.

The PES University is situated in Karnataka and is currently listed as India’s seventh most trusted educational institute. Evolving every day with the updates and advancements in various research fields and areas has allowed the university to maintain its ranking among the top 25 colleges for specialised studies in India.

What sets the PES University apart from any other institute in India? It is the strict and balanced aim that the university carries and thrives to maintain, in the development of highly skilled and endemic human resource that this country can produce. The university also targets to lend the main ability to these students to encounter a dynamic environment that is constantly changing and adapt themselves to the need of this evolving environment.

PES University recognises that there is a dearth of talented minds in the mainstream domain of most major fields in India. It caters to this dearth by giving an output of some of the most well trained and achieved students from its campus. The environment is evolving not only in the context of technology but also intellectuality. Thus, this is the main motto of PES University to help its students adapt to the needs of the changing environment so that they can contribute in a meaningful manner towards the growth of the nation.

The staff and management of PES University are highly dedicated towards the evolution of education in modes that have not been common in classroom environment. Our students certainly feel the best to be a part of the PES University family, where we work together towards fulfilling the dreams of students like our very own. We follow a unique 360 degree approach to deliver the promised results for the betterment of each candidate and his career.


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  • Equipped with a panel of the most diligent and hardworking professors from all over the nation, all poised to create a wave in the world of education, leading to dynamic and systematic results for the student community.
  • Systematic sub division of different educational sectors into basic divisions, making an efficient utilisation of the power of division, thus bringing the benefit of specialisation and effectiveness in various fields.
  • Targeted results and efforts in the fields of commerce, management, business studies, social science, humanities and engineering. Employment of the most efficient panel of faculty for the said subjects, making the university a well sought after option among prospective candidates.
  • Establishment of highlighted course modules for all students in various fields. Uniformity in divulging education in all fields, making every educational sector a likeable option for the students.
  • Ranked and awarded by many prestigious institutions for being an excellent university in the field of education and higher studies for students.
  • Diversification in the field of education by means of offering multiple courses and fields of studies as per student’s choice.
  • A unique 360 degree approach to target and offer education in the most holistic manner.
  • Students seek opportunities for improvement and development in a more open and frank environment.
PES University aims to open more paths and roads of success for all its students. The faculty and the university wishes dearly to see all their students succeed and attain a position of prominent status in their careers. For this, the faculty and the policy makers of the university have devised the following courses to be offered by them in the line of their service:
  • BBA – An eminent course that trains the student in the field of management and enables him to take a position in the field and position of managers in different fields.
  • MBA – A post-graduation course that enables a student to pick up a line of duty in the field of management in high ranking offices and Multi-national corporations.
  • Engineering – A very promising and prospective career for the students from science background, this course allows a student to establish himself as an engineer and take up further study options that make him an expert in the field.

These graduation and post-graduation programs are deliberately aimed at making education a holistic means of development and growth for the student. The university employs some of the best and most eligible minds in the field for the best of its students.

FEE STRUCTURE: Every course demands a different scale of fees for admission and study in it. Depending on the courses a student chooses with us, the requisite fee will be intimated during the admission process.

ADMISSION PROCESS: Taking an admission at the PES University is a prestigious and reputable opportunity for a student. One should train and equip himself with the requisite course for taking our admission tests and securing a rank that merits obtaining admission to the course. We have a very systematic but strict method of selecting students for our course. We exercise this rigorous practice to ensure that only the worthy students are allotted a seat in the university. PES University is equipped with a specialised research centre that goes by the name of CORI, located very well within the university itself. Through this medium, the PES University also seeks to assist students in the field of speech, control, robotics, signal processing, artificial intelligence and more. Since we offer such high degree of specialisation across various fields, we intend to admit only the most able and responsible candidates.


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