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Direct Admission in BMS Colleges of Engineering | Management Quota

Every educational institution aims to establish itself as a world class platform for imparting education and culminating a study environment for students in which they can feel comfortable, while they gather the knowledge of various subjects. BMS college of Engineering is one such educational institute that has successfully established itself as a sophisticated and well developed college. Another remarkable feet achieved by the BMS college of Engineering is the highlight that it was established as the first private engineering institute in India.

Owing to its status and recognition, the college earns a spectacular response from students, who aim to take an admission in the college quite encouragingly. With a solid experience in the field of education of over 70 years, BMS college of Engineering is growing rapidly every year to include more students and faculty under its umbrella of education.

The college and its esteemed faculty aims to deliver world class degree of education to its students. Over here, a student can find himself encompassed in the strong hold of various courses, hailing from the engineering background. We make excellent engineers and make them well educated, something that the world strives to look for in a student and professional Studies are focused not only at making a student independent in his studies and his field but also to make him prosper towards the achievement of his goals on the professional front.

The BMS college of Engineering has earned itself several awards and recognition from various credible institutes and platforms, which is just one more reason why one should opt to study at this college for engineering.


Management Quota Fee Structure For The Year 2022-23

BMS College Of Engineering

1 Civil Engineering Rs 3,00,000 UG
2 Electrical & Electronics Engineering Rs 3,00,000 UG
3 Industrical Engineering & Management Rs 3,00,000 UG
4 Electronics & Communication Engineering Rs 5,50,000 UG
5 Mechanical Engineering Rs 3,50,000 UG
6 Computer Science & Engineering Rs 9,50,000 UG
7 Information Science & Engineering Rs 7,50,000 UG
8 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Rs 3,50,000 UG
9 Electronics & Instrumentation Technology Rs 2,50,000 UG
10 Medical Electronics Rs 2,50,000 UG
11 Chemical Engineering Rs 2,50,000 UG
12 Bio-Technology Rs 3,00,000 UG
13 Aerospace Engineering Rs 4,00,000 UG
14 Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning Rs 7,00,000 UG


15 B.Arch (BMSCA) Rs 6,50,000 UG

1 MBA Rs 2,50,000 PG
2 MCA Rs 2,50,000 PG
3 Computer Networking-18 Rs 2,00,000 PG
4 Transportation-3 Rs 2,00,000 PG
5 visi & Embeded System-5 Rs 1,75,000 PG
6 Manufacturing Science & Engg-5 Rs 1,25,000 PG
7 Thermal Engg-3 Rs 1,25,000 PG
8 Bio Medical-4 Rs 1,00,000 PG
9 MArch Hbitat Design-4 Rs 1,00,000 PG


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  • Specialised niche towards the Engineering stream. A prospective candidate may achieve a specialised learning in many of our undergraduate and postgraduate courses.
  • Systematic sub division of different educational sectors into basic divisions, making an efficient utilisation of the power of division, thus bringing the benefit of specialisation and effectiveness in various fields.
  • Targeted results and efforts in the fields of engineering. Employment of the most efficient panel of faculty for the said subjects, making the university a well sought after option among prospective candidates.
  • Establishment of highlighted course modules for all students in various fields. Uniformity in divulging education in all fields, making every educational sector a likeable option for the students.
  • Diversification in the field of education by means of offering multiple courses and fields of studies as per student’s choice.
  • Students seek opportunities for improvement and development in a more open and frank environment.
  • Special focus on integral formation of students and a strict watch over overall development of student.
  • Use of statistical analysis and tools to identify and suggest prospective careers for students and aiding them in building a fruitful and competitive future.
  • Co-education environment; offers admission to both, boys and girls. Equal status and privilege given to both, for true development of the candidate.
  • Regular hosting of competitions and quizzes in college campus and equal participation by other colleges for an enhanced competitive environment.
  • Equal respect and privilege available to all students, hailing from different regions of the country, and a strict notion towards a liberal study environment.
  • Complete support and assistance of faculty available to students in regards to any matter.
  • Discrimination towards any student on any grounds, whether by other students or teachers, is strictly prohibited in the college environment. A strict watch is maintained to ensure that these rules are actually implemented at all times.
  • Recognition of institute by AICTE and NAAC. First institute in India to be recognised under Tier I by NBA.
  • Offers more than 13 under graduate and 16 post graduate courses in different areas.
  • Currently offering specialisation in various fields including Bio technology, chemistry, civil engineering, information science and engineering, electronics engineering and more.




BMS college of Engineering aims to open more paths and roads of success for all its students. The faculty and the university wishes dearly to see all their students succeed and attain a position of prominent status in their careers. For this, the faculty and the policy makers of the university have devised the following courses to be offered by them in the line of their service:

  • Engineering – A very promising and prospective career for the students from science background, this course allows a student to establish himself as an engineer and take up further study options that make him an expert in the field.

These graduation and post graduation programs are deliberately aimed at making education a holistic means of development and growth for the student. The university employs some of the best and most eligible minds in the field for the best of its students.


Every course demands a different scale of fees for admission and study in it. Depending on the courses a student chooses with us, the requisite fee will be intimated during the admission process.


BMS college of Engineering has been established as the first private institute in India for engineering. Based on the recognition that the institute demands in the present day, it has considered following a policy based on merit based enrolment of students.

Seeking admission in BMS college of Engineering is quite simple and easy. One needs to be aware of the relevant dates and forms that need to be filled for admission. On the mentioned dates, a student needs to present himself for and entrance examination.

A list of successful candidates is rolled out in good time for communicating to the students, the results of the entrance examinations. On payment of the requisite fee, a student can obtain admission in the reputable BMS college of Engineering for his chosen steam of engineering. Admission to BMS college of Engineering is subject to fulfilment of certain conditions. The college follows a strict policy regarding discipline and code of conduct in the college premises. Those students who are found disobeying or disregarding any of the policies framed by the college, shall be deemed eligible for suspension.


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