Gd/Pi Parameters

Gd/Pi Parameters

What Are The Parameters You Must Focus On Clear GD/PI of TOP MBA Colleges?

This is the most relaxing periods for MBA Aspirants as CAT and MAT Entrances are over.

But, is this the right time for you to relax? From a serious Aspirant, we expect a big NO as an answer.

Yes, this is not the time to sit back and wait for the result to come out.

As Top MBA Colleges have already started the registration process for GD/PI before MBA entrances results are out.

Gd/Pi Parameters


Hence, pull your sleeves and get yourself ready to crack GD/PI round of your desired MBA Colleges.

Here are the most important and common parameters measured by all Top MBA colleges in GD/PI round selection.

Make a note Aspirants, even if your written entrance score is low you have a chance to make it up in GD round and proceed to PI round.

Gd/Pi Parameters

Let the tips for today keep short and straight so that in this short period of time you can follow and implement as soon as possible.

1. Polish Your Communication Skills:

The first thing everyone looks for is how your communication skills are.

It is not mandatory to be very fluent English speaker, what matters is whatever you speak it must be clear, full of confident and convincing.Gd/Pi Parameters

Gd/Pi Parameters
Gd/Pi Parameters


2. Have Knowledge Apart From Your Subject of Interest:

This is a very deciding factor for MBA Aspirants as the interviewer will not only look for your knowledge of candidate’s subjects’ or area of interest.

The candidate who has the more outward knowledge, they have Brownie point.

So, start surfing internet, newspaper, and magazine to know what’s happening around the world so that you can have a fair idea about current affairs.

Gd/Pi Parameters

3. Leadership Skills is Must Reach Top MBA Colleges:

When you are in Group Discussion, only one thing which will help you most is your Leadership Quality.

Most candidates’ fails to clear GD round even after having all ideas about the topic, just because they don’t take initiative or get involved in discussions.Gd/Pi Parameters

Apart from this, never Dominate in GD, be a Leader with fine ideas.

4. Improve Problem Solving Ability:

GD/PI rounds are conducted basically to check a candidate’s ability to solve the problem.

Through this type of test, examiner gets an idea how a candidate is going to approach a situation and how they handle the situation.

Though there is no particular method to improve problem-solving ability, we would like to suggest go through some case studies and practices yourself.Gd/Pi Parameters

Gd/Pi Parameters



Gd/Pi Parameters

5. Be a Sharp Listener:

To crack Top MBA Colleges GD/PI rounds no doubt you have to be the strong speaker but apart from that, you have to be a sharp listener.

Because, any time due to over-confidence, candidate don’t listen properly to the question of interviewer and approach.

Gd/Pi Parameters

6. Keep Your Presentation Way Clear:

There’s no doubt that when you go for Top colleges group discussion or personal interview, then you must be prepared and research much about topics you would face.

But, still, more than 90% MBA aspirants fails in Interview even after scoring well in written do you know why? One major reason for this is the way of your presentation.

Thousand of candidates reach Top colleges interview process and only a few of them gets selected due to of their presentation skills.

Hence, to stay ahead of your competitors start giving a presentation on each and every topic you feel those are important.

Gd/Pi Parameters


Gd/Pi Parameters

7. Interaction Skill:

To have a leadership quality within you can take you much ahead in the competition, but nowadays, top MBA colleges are looking for interaction skills.

This is because; to be a good leader your interaction skills must be strong so that you can convince others about your viewpoint.

Only leadership quality makes a candidate dominating in discussions and other doesn’t get a chance to keep their ideas in group discussion.

Thus, make your interaction skill stronger by following some decorum while attending GD/PI process.

Final Words:

We strongly believe that these points are more than enough for you to crack GD/PI process of Top MBA colleges without taking any classes.

As Admission Advice think you are the best teacher and trainer for your career, only with few tips from experts of Admission Advice will ensure 100% success in GD/PI process.