PopularName: EMPI(Entrepreneurship & Management Process International )

Course :PGDM

Establishment: since 1995

Placement: Maximum Package 9.2 L

                       Minimum Package 4.10 L

Rank: Ranked 18th amongst ‘All India 30 Top B-Schools’ BY Entrepreneur Magazine, 2017

Affiliated To: AICTE & AIU

Registration Fee: 500

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College Overview


EMPI Business School Group, New Delhi was established in 1995,furthermore,

by a group of nation builders who have been highly committed and successful professionals and academicians in their own respective domains.

First of all ,EMPI conceptualized by cognitive scientist Pankaj Saran, was initially inspired and supported by legends such as Mr. Ajit Haksar, Chairman Emeritus, ITC Ltd.

furthermore, Col. Satsangi, Founder Chairman, CSKM Educational Complex and Mr. Gurnam Saran, Former Director, BHEL; and thereafter joined in by Mr. D.V. Kapur, Founder NTPC; Mr. N. Vittal.

Another Enabler of the Software and Telecom Revolution; hence  Ms. Tara Sinha, and Advertising Icon, Prof. Udai Pareek, Father of Indian HR and Mr. P. S. Bami, Fmr. Chairman NTPC.

Further, EMPI has highly distinguished board of directors.

Therefore, EMPI aims to help develop the next generation of business leaders with global outlook.Also it enables to develop capability of adapting to the fast changing business environment of India and world at large.


EMPI’s guiding philosophy of ‘Innovating Futures’ is the basis for its institutional ethos, while,wherein Innovation is achieved, furthermore, not only through academic study and research therefore at its B-School but also by incubating and spinning due to off various initiatives and entities that impact the future.

furthermore These initiatives are emergent from the dynamic interplay of Technology,same Academia, Public Policy and Civil Society, then leading to the birth of a series of ‘Firsts’ in the country.

EMPI has also developed a reputation for innovative international initiatives and for advocating innovations in national policy and governance,So as part of its either ‘Mission Innovative India’ launched by the President of India, H.E. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam in the year 2005.


Fee structure


Particular 1st Year 2nd Year Total
Academic Charges (Admission & Registration Fees, Academic/Tuition Charges, especially integrated Apple Computing Systems, Wi-Fi Campus, EMPI Alumni Association Membership Fees, Administrative and other support charges including PACE-UP, Scholarship Fund, Expenditure on R&D, EFP & Sports, Executive Dress & Books Charges, Refundable Security Deposit etc.) Academic/Tuition Fees:
Rs. 2,74,000/-Other Charges:
Rs. 73,500/-Total: Rs. 3,47,500/-
Academic/Tuition Fees:
Rs. 2,74,000/-Other Charges:
Rs. 33,500/-Total: Rs. 3,07,500/-
Extension Services (City Metro / Bus Link Transport, Group Mediclaim, Medical Facilities at Campus, Internet, Innovation Tour, Residential Functions Contribution)

Charges for Campus Residents


Charges for Non Residents





Rs. 26,250/-


Rs. 25,000/-





 Rs. 16,250/-


Rs. 15,000/-





Rs. 42,500/-


Rs. 40,000/-


*Enhancement in consumables’ prices including groceries (pulses, atta, vegetables etc.)

Electricity/fuel rates may compel us so to increase the charges up to 15% on these items and will be announced at the beginning of each trimester (projected increase: maximum up to Rs. 5000/- a year)


Admission Criteria

Eligibility Criteria:

In addition The minimum eligibility criteria for admission to Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) courses is at least a 3-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline recognized by the Association of Indian Universities/AICTE as eligible for Post Graduate Studies.

Because Candidates in the final year of a Bachelor’s degree course or equivalent are also eligible to apply.


finally All applicants should first pre-qualify through EMPI prescribed tests. As such all applicants taking the CAT / MAT / CMAT / XAT / ATMA examination,

So,achieving high percentile score are considered for selection for the Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM)and MBA program.

Due to, This attainment is considered as pre-qualification for the stage – II selection procedure of E M P I.

In conclusion all candidates clearing the pre-qualifying test are also required to go through EMPI’s comprehensive  most of all Personality Assessment and Profiling Exercise conducted at our Personality either Assessment Center – hence resulting in building up of a datasheet on each candidate’s strengths/weaknesses.

Moreover, the faculty has an enriched experience in both industry and corporate.

Also, library is has all the facilities of books, Textbooks, Reference books, Periodicals and National and International Journals.

Further, it make them to lead and manage businesses by learning to adopt a systematic approach to identifying problems and finding their solutions.


Hostel & Transport

while Residential Charges for Campus residents(Admission and Registration Fees, Boarding and Lodging, Electricity Charges, Refundable Security Deposit etc.)

Residential Charges for Campus residents(Admission and Registration Fees, Boarding and Lodging, Electricity Charges, Refundable Security Deposit etc.) Charges in Rupees













Also,EMPI it puts  students on a higher platform.

Moreover, EMPI students participated at 83 such high business platforms during the last one year.

Moreover, they established it after their distinguished achievements in public life,

as a humble pay back to the nation taking their decades of learning to the next generation.
Further, these highly acclaimed leaders furthermore, known for their immense knowledge, vast global connect and unparalleled learning,

who have been the role models in different spheres most noteworthy for over 50 years laid the foundations of EMPI.

So, they founded EMPI with the vision of raising the bar of Indian education to match with the global standards.

So,Asian Business School Noida, under the aegis of renowned Asian Education Group, provides an integrated education programmed which offers the following benefits.

Further, the core advantage of studying at Asian Business School Noida is to get an internationally recognized qualification,

consequently, by the finest academic minds who impart holistic knowledge by deductive learning methodology.same, Asian Business School Noida

Further,best in , ranking among ‘India’s best B-schools,So Asian Business School Noida is the best place for your crrier.

Finally,Our faculty’s research is at the leading edge of knowledge in their disciplines and  influencing how their academic fields and related practice evolve.

The Institute has been working for the attainment of a mission:Furthermore to develop highly skilled and professional human resource for industry and business.

Therefore From a very modest start,as a result, it has now acquired a commendable position as one of the premier institutes of the country.


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