AIMS Business School Pune

AIMS Business School Pune

AIMS Business School Pune.

We are one of Pune’s premier business schools.

It has built on our unique strength of imparting high-quality management education.

So, we do this through andragogic innovations and industry-academia interface.

Further, our academic team is well aware of the needs of the business and society.

It decides the drivers of designing a relevant and updated syllabus.

However, we conduct our courses in a highly supportive environment.

It gears you towards future employability.

Also, gives you a distinct advantage in today’s competitive world.

AIMS Business School Pune

Industry partners

Currently, there are students who are getting into an MBA program of the Management College desire to take up a Bridge Course in Retail Management.

So, it will help them get exposure to Industry interface in the Retail sector.

Further, Retailers Association of India shall develop this Bridge Course in Retail Management.

So, it enables such students who have high levels of managerial skills but lack some of the background knowledge that a retail career aspirant should have.

Further, the participants will be provided with sound enhancement of retail knowledge in the specific course curriculum. AIMS Business School Pune.

However, its design and development were under the Retailers Association of India with the help of over 1000 members from the Retail segment.

AIMS Business School Pune
AIMS Business School Pune

AIMS Business School Pune

This bridge course is designed to equip the student to overcome the problems of lack of functional application knowledge and skills in Retailing.

By filling the gap between the regular MBA course that they are currently undergoing and the others specializing in Retail Management available in developed cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi etc.

Also, we have joined hands with RAI for Trainings, Industry Engagement, and Placement Assistance.

AIMS Business School Pune

Started 50 years ago, as a one truck enterprise, House of Patel is one of the largest logistics conglomerates in Asia.

Its group company Patel Integrated Logistics Limited (PILL) provides services in service transport, door to door express cargo service, on board couriers and freight forwarding.

With its unmatched professionalism and hunger for perfection, the group stands for enviable brand equity, unparallel in the Indian Logistics industry.

AIMS Business School Pune

AIMS Business School Pune has been selected by House of Patel’s.

In fact, they select it as a preferred partner in India, under its education development initiative.

However, the MOU signed is to promote industry-academia relationship with AIMS Business School Pune for development.

This is for training and recruitment of students.

We, dedicate ourselves to help students to aspire for greater responsibilities.

It is needed in a complex global economy, which leads to larger social benefits.

We, AIMS Business School Pune guide them, nurture them to achieve.

That is without being complacent that paves way for greater horizons.

Developing ideas and thought leaders that transform the world with a zeal and agility to achieve larger benefits.

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